new Syrian design for russian mil 17


The Russian Mil helicopter design bureau has completed a new transport helicopter, built specifically for the carrying-out of counter-terrorism operations: the Mi-171Sh-VN. The helicopter is the result of Russian combat experience in the Syrian theater.

The Mi-171Sh-VN is a heavy overhaul of the older Mi-8/17 class of transport helicopters which were built during the time of the Soviet Union.

Among the key features of the new helicopter can be found additional armor, latest generation avionics, more powerful engines that also maintain nominal performance ratings even at high-altitude and greater lifting capacity.

The cockpit and fuselage are lined with Kevlar armor to increase crew and passenger protection from most small arms fire.

According to the Mil company, the helicopter as a cruise speed of 260 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 280 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, the helicopter has a maximum take-off weight of 13,500 kilograms.

Other unique features include composite rotor blades and an X-shaped tail rotor (which has proven to be the most efficient design for nullifying the main rotor’s torque and maximizing aircraft vertical control).

The President-S countermeasures suite is to be equipped on all models of the helicopter which will help it jam radar-guided missiles and confuse, with flares, heat-seeking missiles.

In both the left and right doorways at the front of the fuselage can be fixed a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

According to Mil, the helicopter has gone through its final trails and is now ready to be sold to potential customers.

One of these customers my very well be the Russian Aerospace Forces.


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